Saturday, 16 March 2019

AQA English Exam Structure Strips

Like others schools, we are finding the exam papers a challenge for some of our less able students. They are finding the switching between questions and the different foci a real problem. Something that we teachers find difficult too. It was suggested to me that we'd explore the use of structure so I went to town a bit. And, here they are. 

We are going to use them as a starting point to teaching the questions and then take the framework away. However, I am planning to give them as a booklet for our less able students, so they know how to approach the different questions in the run up to the final exams. They'll also function as automatic differentiation tools so teachers can pick them off the shelf and use them. 

They are a work in progress and so will change and adapt as we go along. But, they are a starting point for my team. 

The formatting might be funny in the preview on Google docs but it looks better when downloaded. 

Literature Paper 1

Literature Paper 2 

Language Paper 1

Language Paper 2 

I have bewitched the files so anybody selling them on TES will be plagued by endless commas splices. 

Thank you for reading, 


P.S.  Thanks to Caroline Spalding and Stephen Lockyer for the original idea. 


  1. Thanks for these I've passed them onto my daughter who is currently revising for dreaded GCSEs, BTW the Romeo and Juliet link doesn't work...

  2. Will fix it tomorrow. Thanks for spotting it.

  3. Thank you. These are a very generous resource which I've shared with my team.

  4. Thanks for these great resources. Just to let you know the link for the Romeo and Juliet resource is still not working :-)


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