Sunday, 22 April 2018


The kind people at Twinkl have given me a free account on their website and, in return, I said I’d review, occasionally, some of their resources.

This month’s finds are:  

Narrative Revision Loop Cards

We are in the revision period now and it is a rush to get everything covered. I liked this little resource for getting students to revise some key terms in a relatively easy and ‘fun’ activity. Good as a quick revision activity at the start and end of a lesson.

How to write a sonnet like Shakespeare

I liked the format of this resource and how it can be easily used. It gets students to see the structure of a sonnet and gets them to replicate the structure in their own writing. A nice little worksheet.

Gothic Writing Stimulus

There are a wealth of stimuli for writing on the website, but these ones piqued my interest, because of the topic and the story tasks. They’d make great 200 Word Challenges. They follow the GCSE format for creative writing and so I nice way in for KS3 – especially, if you are exploring Gothic fiction.

All resources can be found here: 

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