Wednesday, 11 April 2018

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One of the things I am growing conscious of is the fact that there are a lot of demands for parents, when it comes to revision. Not every parent, or student, can afford to shower students with glossy revision guides and embellish them with a tutor. I am also conscious of the fact that schools cannot photocopy everything so a students doesn't miss out. With that in mind, I have been thinking of a solution.

There has never been a better time for students with the Internet and YouTube. The major issue is volume. I can't cope with 400 TV station and Netflix when selecting a TV show to watch, so how can students narrow down the focus and select what is right. Therefore, I am going to email parents and students this list next week and advise them that they will be a good starting point when revising the poems. 

The key thing is reading. I want students to read and make notes. I am not a big fan of the English teacher talks through their interpretation of a poem - sorry, not my kind of thing. I'd rather student read through text, sifted for ideas, make notes, rather than listen Dave talk about how he found a line really interesting. Plus, I want student to copy the writing and expression. Dave's monotonous intonation of ideas might be easy to mimic, but it will not be something students will imitate in their writing. Plus, no matter how many times you say 'Grade 9 Analysis' it will not guarantee a Grade 9 and in some cases it offers false hope. 

So, I have included a list. I'd like suggestions of additions and help to read through these ones I have included already. Ideally, this list will be used next year and the year after. 

If you have any suggestions, please a comment below. Dave - we are not including any YouTube videos. 



P.S. Disclaimer - I don't take any responsibility for content on the websites or the accuracy of ideas. 


Top Set


Top Set

Extract from The Prelude

Top Set

My Last Duchess

Charge of the Light Brigade

Top Set


Top Set

Storm on the Island

Bayonet Charge

Top Set



War Photographer


The Emigree

Checking Out My History



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