Thursday, 12 July 2018

Challenge Africa

In the 90s, there was a show that I watched with my parents. Challenge Anneke. The premise of the show was simple. Anneke Rice had two build, fix or renovate something in a short space of time. The show tugged on the heartstrings and featured a car I always wanted, which fitted inside in a lorry like some kind of Transformer.

Anyway, I am looking to do a similar challenge. A colleague of mine is visiting schools in South Africa to help them build and improve schools. I think it is a fantastic opportunity. So far, as a school, we have donated textbooks and resources. But, they need something different. They need help with teaching and teaching resources. Things are pretty basic in terms of resources. They need guidance for teaching a lesson. A lesson with very little resources and texts. Basic lessons with limited resources.

Between all the teachers on Twitter, we have a wealth of resources. That’s why I’d like to enlist some help with helping several schools in South Africa.

Below are copies of the schemes of work the teachers have in place. I’d just like to offer guidance on how to teach the different aspects. I’d like to offer lesson plans so a teacher can teach the different elements without the need for resources.

We are at the end of the year and most of us have some gained time. Or, we have resources at the click of a button.

I’d be eternally grateful if you volunteered to write one lesson plan.

One planned lesson based on having no photocopies and just a board with some text written on it.  

Pick on aspect above. 
Like Anneke, I only have a short space of time for this. A week.  

If you are willing to help in this challenge, then DM me on Twitter @Xris32.

Many thanks,


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