Sunday, 26 November 2017

Twinkl Resources

The people at Twinkl have given me a free account on their website and, in return, I said I’d review, occasionally, some of their resources.

This month’s finds are:  

AQA Paper 1 Practice Papers   

There are a growing number of papers here, and, given the lack of practice papers provided by the exam board, this helps with that. There are papers on ‘Jane Eyre’, ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ and several others. There are even mini-papers, which include questions to texts that most teachers will own. A few minutes with the photocopier and you have some practice papers.     

A Christmas Carol – In Context Information Cards

There are several packs for ‘A Christmas Carol’ and hidden amongst them are some really useful resources.  I quite like the ‘In Context Information Cards’ for presenting some key contextual facts relating to the time and I also thought a pack on Victorian Christmas would make a good starting point for developing understanding of the text.

Understanding Structure Display Pack

The structure question is one that most students struggle to grasp with and this little display is helpful. It visually represents three ways to present a story and shows how the three different ways affect the story telling and impact on the reader. Now, this resource is meant to be a display, but amongst the resources there is a suggested layout of the display. I’d use this as a task with students and get them to explore the impact of the different choices in the story.

60-Second Reads

As I teach a range of students, I think this ’60-Second Reads’ idea has quite a lot of merit for the classroom - especially for the lowest sets. The packs contain short texts and a series of quick questions. They make a great starter for these classes. There’s a range of texts and they are short enough and accessible enough to get students to engage in the lesson quickly. I like how the questions focus on different aspects of reading. Plus, there are some Christmas themes resources too.

All resources can be found here:

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