Sunday, 22 February 2015

AQA Question 2 - Fake Answer

Here's a silly answer I used with a class when looking at Question 2. Every time I use it, there is at least one student who thinks it is a clear 8 out of 8.

Explain how the headline, subheading and picture are effective and how they link with the text.

The writer has used a picture to make the reader interested and want to read on. It is a picture that shows the reader what the article is about. It makes the reader interested and it links to the text as the text is about things in the picture. They have used a big picture to make it stand out and catch your eye because we like looking at pictures more than we like looking at writing. They also use colour to make it more eye-catching.

The headline is effective because the writer has made it bold so it stands out. The reader will then read it. They use interesting words also to make the writing stand out and so we read it. The headline links to the article as it sums it up so the reader will know what the article. It is written in an interesting ways so the reader wants to read on. The headline is also short and snappy so it isn’t boring and the reader wants to read the rest of the article.

The subheading gives the reader even more information so if they want to read the story they know a bit more about it. It is near the picture to explain what the story is about. It is after the headline to give more detail. It links to the rest of the article because it tells the reader what is happening in the story. If the reader is interested, then the reader will read on.

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  1. If only I hadn't seen answers like this before! A brilliant resource!


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