Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The one with all the links to the Year 11 exam

As Year 11s only have a few weeks left, I thought I'd blog some links of some past posts about the AQA language exam. Hopefully, they might help somebody in the last few lessons before they say good bye and good luck to the students.

Question 1

Questioning skills- an approach I have used with Question 1 text:

Question 2

Analysing headlines and pictures, focusing on tone:

Cohesion between parts of a text (headline, picture and text):

Question 3

Exploring power in pictures and non-fiction texts:

Question 4

Focusing on effect when comparing texts:

Question 5/6

Exploring tone and modelling writing:

Preparing students for the exam

A list of activities for students to complete as revision:

Literature - Poetry

Looking at syllables:

Looking at repetition:

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